Sculpture made of metal plates. Painted.
82.75 x 47.25 x 47.25 in (210 x 120 x 120 cm)

Vasily Klyukin’s architectural concepts are acclaimed throughout the world with his sculptures gracing the private collections of numerous celebrities. Klyukin created the live sculpture technique, bringing ideas to life through the creation of models from recycled materials including metal, plastic and cardboard.

With experience in engineering, Klyukin was able to experiment and derive a concept of connecting steel sheets on a non-existent, speculative axis without any actual fasteners. The principle of mobility of each individual piece was the basis for technological innovation.

In Klyukin’s three-dimensional works, sculpture and text are intertwined. Literary, scientific or philosophical texts are starting points for the further development of thought. His contemporary art worships the art object, intended primarily for the “message” and not a “delight for the eyes,” which is why beauty has lost its significance.

Courtesy of Vasily Klyukin

The winning bid is tax-deductible, minus the fair market value ($135,000).